• Asdus


    Royal advisor to the King, has been a life long friend of the king and now manages everything he does so that the kingdom does not fail.
  • King Neir

    King Neir

    Ruler of the Kingdom of Kasai, rarely makes public appearances. Today is one of the days that he makes an appearance. It is celebration of the rise of Kasai, an equal opportunity kingdom in which all races and religions can live together in peace.
  • Prince Neir

    Prince Neir

    Lazy, good for nothing prince that would rather slack off than run a kingdom. Asdus is his official teacher, even though he has no interest in learning.
  • Queen Neir

    Queen Neir

    Wife of King Neir, Is seen less than the King. Has become stricken ill, and bedridden since her son was born, There are rumors around the kingdom that there was no Queen and that the Prince is actually adopted, and therefore not of royal blood.
  • Zephen


    Homeless man that Is rumored to be crazy. He is constantly talking to himself and argueing with nothing.